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Here are some (mostly oo)Rexx widgets/programs that are being written and/or used by me.

I have been using all programs in a personal manner under Windows 7. Some (‘filter.orx’, ‘distance.orx’ and ‘json.cls’(not written by me)) are older and I use/used them under Linux too. The newer ones might run on earlier ooRexx versions than the current one, but will run on the current version(4.2.0).

Most programs have comments at the beginning explaining their usage; none of them, I think, has explanation when invoked with ? /? -? /h -h or similar methods to obtain some help, except, perhaps, ‘filter.orx’.

If you don't like the filetype extensions used, you can, of course, change them to your own liking without compromising their functionality.

To download right-click the name under the Name column and use Save (link/target/file) as ...

filter.orx A generalised pipe stage filter. Suitable for ooRexx and Regina show
distance.orx Calculates the total distance (in Km) over (a series) of successive latitude/longitude (e.g. 52.254001) pairs in classic Rexx. Can be used interactively from a terminal/console window or in a pipe. show
geoloc.cls An ooRexx class that defines locations and paths along those locations by their latitude and longitude in Google Earth/Maps notation. Distance between locations and along a path can be calculated. Requires 5.0.0-Beta or later in combination with usegeoloc.orx below. show
usegeoloc.orx An ooRexx program demonstrating the use of the geoLoc class. Also requires the use of:
  • json.cls -- further down
  • curl -- download from curl.haxx.se if necessary
json.cls An ooRexx class transforming JavaScript Object Notation(JSON) to an ooRexx Array/Directory structure and vice versa, courtesy Brandon Cherry, who posted it at "http://learning.safedataisp.net/ajax/json.cls" long ago. That page is currently not available anymore. show
xhr.cls A simple XMLHTTPRequest class to retrieve data or webpages, much like MFC's ‘geturl.rex’, but supporting GET, POST and ‘chunked’ (HTTP/1.1) responses. Requires ‘socket.cls’, shipped with ooRexx since (?). Only supports http, NOT https show
usexhr.orx An ooRexx program demonstrating the use of the XHR class. Also requires:
  • json.cls -- up above
decodeGString.orx Decodes a Google Maps encoded PolyLine string into a (series of) decimal latitude/longitude pair(s). Can be invoked from the command line, as a stage within a pipe, or as a function. show
encodeGString.orx Encodes a (series of) decimal latitude/longitude pair(s) into a Google Maps encoded Polyline string. Can be invoked from the command line, as a stage within a pipe, or as a function. show
gtif2hgt.orx Converts an ASTER GDEM geoTiff elevation file (30x30 meters approximately) to a SRTM (NASA) type 'hgt' file. show
restrictable.cls A "mixinclass" for arrays to restrict membership to certain object types or other criteria. The inheriting class only needs to implement a "isAllowed" method. show
gpx.cls A rudimentary class demonstrating the use of the "restrictable" class above. Also requires "geoloc.cls" above. show
streamclient.cls Enables to redirect "standard" streams(e.g. STDOUT, STDERR, but also .TRACEOUTPUT) to a new terminal window in cooperation with "streamserver.orx" below. Also requires David Ashley's "streamsocket.cls" shipped as part of the ooRexx package. show
streamserver.orx Enables to redirect "standard" streams(e.g. STDOUT, STDERR, but also .TRACEOUTPUT) to a new terminal window in cooperation with "streamclient.cls" above. "streamserver.orx" is a slightly modified version of David Ruggles' "scserver.rex" shipped with ooRexx in the samples directory. show
eventable.cls A "mixin" class supporting events and event handlers/listeners. show
eventable-doc.zip Documentation for the eventable mixin class above in ooRexxDoc format (see: "http://sourceforge.net/projects/oorexxdoc").
tripplan.orx A contrived example demonstrating the use of "streamclient.cls", "streamserver.orx" and the "eventable.cls". show
md5.cls A class implementing a transient MD5 digest calculation. show
usemd5.orx An example demonstrating the use of "md5.cls". show
exebitness.orx Checks the bitness of a Windows executable (EXE or DLL). show
omdbcurl.orx Shows how to interface with the OMDB movie database.Requires ooRexx 5.0.0.beta show
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